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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi there, I’m just browsing around the web for my next post. Until I came up with this web gadgets from abowman.com. There were these cute little waddling penguins, lively pet hamster, a very cool and unique clock for your rushing time and a spider. Oh! So just see it for your self.


Hamster Pet

Awesome Ball Clock

But where's the spider im talking about? It hurts when you get bitten eh?

Here's abowman's site for you to check it out:

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WARSHOCK said...

nice discovery bro.. it would've been cool if the ball clock is multi-colored.

MsRay said...

Ang cute ng mga penguins mo :P

GAGAY said...

i have something for u at http://walkingnewspaper.blogspot.com/2008/11/id-been-tagged.html

take care..hope you'll take time for it.thank u!

pinaykeypoint said...

...was here today :)

yea, I agree with warshock but it's a nice gadget :)

Kevin said...

hi there :)

I've seen them all before. There's also Feed the Fish by moving your mouse etc. Anyway, my blog is too cluttered already to have these cute gadgets.

pinaykeypoint said...

Hello! I have a Lemonade Award waiting for you in my blog :)

Have a nice blogging day!

wolfwood16 said...

thanks thanks! hehehhe

lovelyn^^, said...

an cute ng hamster.. pewo.. mas madanda sna kung mei trick eh.. ahahah^^,.. xD

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