EA: Skate

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Type rest of the post hereIt's a very real time game and i think this is one of the best sport games developed by the Electronic Arts. The Skate has conquered all the real skate life. From owning a spots, challenging moves, and even get noticed by the skate mags and real world sponsors. Bails? yeah its natural when you are playing skateboard that's why it was also included in the game. But the great thing is, when your character get bailed, the movement when he stumble on the ground is very EA.

I really mean that this game was not based on imaginary situations. Even playing on a console doing an Ollie, you have to flick the analog based on the method of doing it on a real one. so? like doing an ollie in real world, you're popping the tail and give an air on the nose, on the analog you have to flick it downward and up. The other tricks are the same as if you're playing the real skateboard. But if not dont worry coz there's a tutorial provided on the demo.

The graphics and animations are believable and top-notch. Even with its minor physics-related puzzling moments, you'll really get a feel for your character's balance and timing from the motion queues you're given.

The graphical styles of the menu system and skate shop scenes are also a neat touch...

Unlike on the other skateboarding games, there were levels, tricks, characters you need to unlocked, the EA:Skate is not

If you're a skater or have enjoyed the TH series in any capacity (and if you didn't, you're lying to yourself), you should really check this out. I'm personally telling you that this game will give you a real-time and no-comming-back playing. So what's the purpose of sitting with your ass playing those fancy games, go grab a copy now!


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