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Friday, December 5, 2008

For the list of my works, please visit my portfolio site at

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maxi said...

hello there! very nice designs! great for you.

have a great day!

maxi of

Mrs. Stevenson said...

hi thanks for visit. great design. are u a boy or girl? is that ur pic on one of ur design? just asking hehehe

vhing said...

WOW! nice designs! keep up the good works.I wish i can make my own started but more than 2 months still unfinished..he he he he...
keep going ...good 4 u.

ulan said...

awtz! danda ng mga designs moh.. sana nabiyayaan din aq ng gnyang talento..haha!

Anonymous said...

Great designs wolf. 2 thumbs up :)

Wala ka pa bang client na ginawan d2 sa internet?
btw, 2 yun site na ginawa ko sa panganay ko :) yan maraming imaginations ang ginamit ko jan kc pambata nyehehe...

khuletz316 said...

visiting you here..

Kev said...

Great designs. By the way, to reply your question on my shoutbox, elder brother in Malay is "abang" :)

What is it called in Tagalog?

And...hey, you're getting married? Congrats!

[ k r y k ] said...

wui venny the wolf

ang gaLing mo wah'!!

an'Lupet ;)



dhemz said...

hope you could add a shoutbox on your page

wolfwood16 said...

yehey! im glad you like it guys :) im back now from my weekend vacation :)

@maxi, thanks thanks!

@ate ria, hehehe i'm a boy, and it's not me. it's alex my classmate..:)

@ate vhing...thanks so much, it's the matter of time management. I always take time designing cool sites for me to add something on my portfolio :)

@ulan, hello welcome here :) hope we could be good friends

@ate juliet, i like the theme and the color! Green!!!...grrrr....hehehe...and btw, she's pretty...well, we just started to find some clients now, contacting their office but unfortunately there's no one would cater us. Admins are on vacations they said. :D Bket pwede mo ba akong ilakad ate? :D

@khulet16, hello hello thanks for visiting!

@abang Kevin, hi there abang kev, the big bro in tagalog is "kuya", the friend is "kaibigan", brother is "kapatid"... =)

@kryk! nyahahah humanda ka saken!

@dhemz, hmmm just feel free to post your comments or greetings on any of the post listed :)

God bless you all!

Posh Post Reviews said...

hi there!

visiting u here.

i have another poll going on. if u vote, i will publish your choice and link. visit here


wolfwood16 said...

hihihi trying for this inline comment....fixing and fixing

MsRay said...

Ang talented talaga ng lil' bro ko :)

zimex said...

hey dude did ya design the gnamonology site? is it your original design?if yes cool

wolfwood16 said...

@MsRay, thanks ate :) i love the way you say that to me "lil bro ko" :) God bless!!

@zimex, hey bro zimex, no it's an imitation of the gnomonology site. it's a subject project :)

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