Award: The World Wide Web Awards(tm) Friendship Award

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I would like to thank my abang Kevin. Abang means big brother on malaysian, and Kevin told me that. He gave me this award for a purpose. Simple purpose, but means very very comforting :)

Here's my award i'm proud to share and dedicate with you, the The World Wide Web Awards(tm) Friendship Award .....(drum rolling)

And of course! i would like to pass this award to these people who are emotionally close to me.

A Story of A Girl
☆ gLiTteR mInDeD ☆
A Woman On A Journey : MsRay
PinayKeyPoint : “A Glimpse to the Pearl”
Ria : Live Love Laugh
Mai : sharing my thoughts, my world... enjoying life!
I Feel Okay
Konten Hape
Private Territory
Visual Appeal
Imagination is more important than knowledge
Inspire Me
Jessie's bloggie
Blog to Learn
I am Neri
Symbian Library
Kathezai | The rocker girl
Only Bob's Opinion
Dhemcy Dias
Dias Family Spot
Simple Things Can't Be Ignored
Kryk Loves You

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Mrs. Stevenson said...

thanks for this award and mostly thanks for your friendship. I'm happy to know I'm one of the lucky ones.

Kev said...

Sure, u may award it to anyone you feel should receive it - it could be the whole blog roll :)
Oh by the way, hope u don't mind adding my blog link onto my name... thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi Ading wolf (Ading means bunso in ilokano) Salamat ng marami d2 sa friendship award. Have you seen my tag and award page? I created a button at the bottom part of my sidebar, just click it and it will land in a new page hosted by yahoo. I created that page for my tags and awards. this will be my 3rd friendship tag from you :)

wolfwood16 said...

very much thanks for you guys, you know even though my family is not wealthy we always promote the happiness towards each other and a friendly atmosphere . I would like to share this quotation to you from jewish people:

"Who finds a faithful friend, finds a treasure"

@pinaykeypoint: ading mo na ko manang julia. Mama is ilokana from tayug pangasinan :)

Dhemz said...

thanks for the visit!

WARSHOCK said...

yippee . .another award from you bro, that's great and you're great. thankx very much bro.

MsRay said...

Thank you, bro!

wolfwood16 said...

hello my dear online friends! :) you are always welcome in my heart and you all deserve this :)

Mrs. Stevenson said...

posted this award. thanks! have a great day!

LIZZIE said...

hi there my friend.. i'm happy to see that i am also listed as one of your award winners.. :)
But thank you very much glad to receive ur friendship.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kuya. :) Thanks dito! And yes, alam ko yung song na yun. Hehe.

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