World Hair Trends: Remembering the past up to now

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Professional stylists influence hair fashion with masterfully crafted works of art presented at local, national, and global hair shows. Each new show reveals a fresh approach to hair styling and coloring. New products, new techniques, and a range of looks from classic to the very fabulous ones!

Well, this is a bit unintentional post for me. I googled if there's such a topic about funny hairstyles, and my luck momgrind and 80srewind provided some pics for me to relate to.

Caution: Some of the hairstyles you are about to see are not Eco-friendly and may harm our ozone layer. The people on the images are just fashionable and have the sense of humor to show up. Parental guidance is advised. :D

Let's start from the 50s...

1950s: Beehive Hair

Correct me if i'm wrong but i guess now i know where these ERASER heads came from.

Photo credit: Banlon1964

And oh! there's an urban legend occurring on this hairstyle. see this for more:
The Fatal Hairdo

Early 60s: Big, Stiff, Very “Done” Hair

Photo credit: Dr. Monkey

1970s: Feathered Hair

Photo credit: watsonsinelgin

and the male version...

Photo credit: DCvision2006

and it made me think if the U.S. former President George Washington be the first to have this hairstyle.

Photo credit: Cheesy Goodness

1970s - 1980s: Tight Perm, A.K.A Poodle Perm

Some rocker style of the 70s and the 80s. A big tribute for the slow rock legends including Dire Strait in my opinion. No wonder why our paps even did this style before :D Well it's funny nowadays.

Photo credit: La Belle Province

1980s: Big Hair, Jheri Curl, New Wave and the Mohawk

According to momgrind, eighties were all about power dressing, big shoulders, lots of jewelry and of course BIG hair. You will likely need a combination of hair mousse, hair gel and hairspray to recreate this lovely look.

Photo credit: ninjapoodles

Check out this metal band, Poison. Now see the idea of what was BIG hair meant those times.

Photo credit:

Look at this guy. Jheri curl was a product that African Americans used to relax their hair. The result was a curly, wet look that, at the time, was hot. So hot in fact that Micheal Jackson himself had a Jheri Curl (or something close to it). Micheal Jackson’s hair actual caught fire during a Coke commercial when a spark from the fire works on set hit this chemicalized hair. Caution: Flammable!

Photo credit:

Mike Score, lead singer of an 80s band known as A Flock of Seagulls, is wearing a style that he made famous.

The New Wave 80s hair style consists of short hair in the back and sides with very long hair in the front swooping over one eye. Gay is the way to go with the new wave hair style. It should look pretty and glamourous.

This is one of the most insane hairstyles of the 80s. It looks like a stylized backward mullet. There is simply no excuse for this hair style.

Photo credit:

1970s-1990s: Mullet

Well, i call this the horse hair style. :D Short in the front, top, and sides, but long in the back. This hairstyle was popular from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. Just take a look!

Photo credit: FatMandy

Below is the Mohawk, a hairstyle which consists of shaving both sides of the head, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the middle. Mohawks became common in youth punk subcultures in the early 1980s, then gradually spread to mainstream fashion. The hair in the middle is often elaborately shaped:

Photo credit: Ethan Woods

Timeless: The Combover

A combover is worn by bald or balding men in which the hair on one side of the head is grown long and then combed over the bald area to minimize the display of baldness. Mostly seen on politicians nowadays :)

Photo credit:

And spartans...

Photo credit:

Today? There are so many hair style trends for Y2k. Hair trends come and go so quickly, it can be a challenge keeping up on the latest hair styles.

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khuletz316 said...

still don't know where to greet you in here..i thought you will be having a message or a chat box..'s good those hairstyle is not in trend now...'coz it's really funny...hahahah

wolfwood16 said...

just feel free to greet me anywhere on the posts listed :) that's why i put this inline comment for more convenience than the old one. For me having a shoutbox on this template will look untidy and unorganized. And besides, commenting here will benefit the researchers especially students who are finding some articles similar on any of the post here. Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines will tend to index these pages. So it'll be easy for the beneficiaries, of cors including this blog :) I guess that would be much for SEO marketing.

anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the post khuletz316 :)

vhing said...

ha ha ha ...remembering the good old days,my dear.but my style wasn't there,style sheyte (7 lol)like princess DIANA.NICE & laughing MORNING ur sending me....good,very good.keep up the good works.happy holidays.

WARSHOCK said...

the 'grease look'in the 50's, with extra long sideburns, i'm afraid is missing bro.
right on, the combover is the undying hairstyle. hehe

SkIddyRow said...

cool post! i do the mohawk before but that made me suspended in class lol

wolfwood16 said...

@vhing, lol a girl on shete (7)? hahaha i thought it is only intended for boys shaving the sideburns..

@warshock, yeah it's timeless...hahah..yeah yeah i forgot to post the Elvis Presley style!

wolfwood16 said...

@SkiddyRow, welcome here, lol suspended in class? here in the Philippines it is strictly forbidden. Not to tell most of the teachers doing the feathered style and the jheri curl! lmao i remember my highschool professor!

SkIddyRow said...

lol, so everyone s bringing extinguisher? cool class...hahah

MsRay said...

hey, bro! Bitin ang post mo. I want to read and especially see more pictures about the different hairstyles. Can you do a part two of that?

wolfwood16 said...

sure ate, kinapos lang ako sa time kanina and medyo inaantok talaga ako hehe. I'm planning to have the Latest styles with humor of course. But as i've seen mostly the models are soooo serious. I guess they're forced to do those things...:D

Anonymous said...

naku ading nakakatuwa to, dahil retro naman ang dating dapat yun retro fashion naman ang susunod d2 nyehehe... anyways kahit nasa 80's ako di ako nangahas na makiuso ng ganyan maliban na lang nung nanalo akong little queen nung elementary na inayos nila hair ko, aru jusku parang pakiramdam ko nun hahabulin ako ng mga putakte nyhahaha but beside from that , I just wear my hair long with quick pony pag mainit :)

HuiMing said...

mine is none of the above! i have bob! nice post though really informative (:

GAGAY said...

hellO! got something for u at

take care!

kryk said...

woi chorvang venny the wolf haha.
tinitira mo 'ko ahh. :)
chuvanesz ka !
ganun talaga, last will testament. LoL.

fashionista ka? haha!

Mrs. Stevenson said...

lol that's funny. I'm sorry to disappoint you but my hair style is not the list hahaha. thanks for visit!

Dhemz said...

good to be here again..wish you could add a shoutbox on your page!

wolfwood16 said...

thank you for visiting guys...:) finished watching My Bestfriend's Girl....tremendously awesome movie i recommend you should watch!

wolfwood16 said...

loolllzz.....hoy kryk! hahahah d ako fashionista noh hahaha....

sort of interesting topic lang para sa inyo :D hahahha

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