Back for good

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well i'm back! After 3 days of weekend vacation, planned some updates for my blog. Did some modification stuffs on my blog. Since everyone i guess is craving for an "Easy Comment Posting",a "why don't you put a shout box!", a "hey where's your shoutbox?", i think it's time for me to give these comments a sanctuary. So there you go :) a very nice inline comment for yah. A bit crafty coz i'm first timer on blogger template modding but my luck i guess that lead me to success :)

Additionally, if you notice the google search on the top of the blog. It was linked to which is now the search result page of the Ideas Loading.

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hellyen said...

how u do this?

[ k r y k ] said...

yo'w yo'w venny the wolf. :)
haha keyk ba?
eto ohh catch!
haha LoL.


Kev said...

Hi ...i've given you a friendship award. Check out my blog. Thanks :)

wolfwood16 said...

my gosh! thanks abang! i'm posting it also

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