Porn Continues to Plague iPhone Apps Store

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Just one week after pulling an X-rated iPhone app offering photos of nude women, Apple has yet again found itself fighting off attempts to upload mobile porn.

An image of a teen girl, purported to be 15 years old who is topless and mostly bottomless appeared in the free app BeautyMeter, which lets users upload photos of themselves that are then rated by others, according to Wired magazine. The app is like an iPhone version of the rating site Hot or Not.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Wired said the app (including the same teen image) was still available in Apple's App store. But on Thursday, it appeared that Apple had removed it.

Funnymals, BeautyMeter's developer, and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment from

But in a note dated July 2 on Funnymals' Web site, the developer said that because of " inappropriate content upload we hardened our review process so the release time can be higher since now. As described in our terms and conditions, NO nude content is allowed (bikini content is allowed)."

Another note on the site says, "We don't review each uploaded photo exclusively but from time to time we will clean up."

Last week, after photos of nude women started appearing in the app Hottest Girls, the blogosphere lit up in disbelief.

The application previously displayed photos of women in lingerie and bikinis. But about a week after Apple unveiled a new operating system that includes parental controls that could filter out explicit content, the developers took off what was left of the clothes on the women, and turned up the heat on their product's content.

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