Graphic Design & Photography: Gitara

Friday, November 7, 2008

I would like to share this image to my readers, most especially for those "who are requesting" lol. Anyway, this shot was taken a couple of months ago during my spare time on the library. I still manage to play the guitar coz there was no librarian that time.

This was a macro shot image, on a low-light setting, ISO 600.


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glitter said...

Lol, ang cute naman.. Ang cute ng gitara.. Peace.. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

ahem... dats d way uhuh uhuh i lyk it... harhar.. dw ma balik luyag aketch uh.. dyuk2 peace dude.

Anonymous said...

ano ayhan tsura sg ga gitara man? dw gitara man ayhan? hekekek

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