Solar Backpack: No Low-Batt!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nowadays, music can be heard vibrating out of the headphones of most people’s iPods/iPhones whether at work, at the gym or on the road. The movers and shakers that comprise our present and future generations are always on the go. With V-Dimension’s revolutionary new line of solar backpacks, the spirit of music can travel with people everywhere they go. Combining high quality solar backpacks with its innovative new solar technology, the V-Dimension solar backpack can charge any cell phone, iPod/iPhone or PDA with high efficiency. So wherever your destination, the Optical will ensure you will never be left out of touch or out of tune again. Why wear an ordinary backpack when you can step into the V-Dimension? The Source Revolution has arrived.

See it in action…

V-Dimension Helius $130;

List of Adaptors Supported:

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Mrs. Stevenson said...

cool post. that's a good way no need to spend for batteries and no charging needed.

WARSHOCK said...

solar cell technology can be i think can be considered old technology. i've read it being applied to solar powered watches and calculators back in 70's. now, applying that technology to today's portable gadgets' power needs is a very welcome innovation.

vhing said...

very nice i wish i could have one soon...he he he.
thanks for visiting my blog always.

Anonymous said...

I will be very much delighted if they will offer solar computers and laptops :)

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