Poem: Worthless...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A triple dose of metamphetamine
Another shot of morphine and heroin
When things couldn’t get even better
Let’s try another tranquilizer

These are what John takes everyday
Angels that make him A-okay
It started with his friends one time
Then it evolved to psychedelics
And he forgot to dine

Next thing you know he’s thin to the bone
For days hasn’t washed himself and sufferd depression
He lost his sanity because of that very reason
What will be his life’s destination?

Once that quite, happy, peaceful family
Now became worse than disorderly
That trusted and disciplined family member
Now a thrown-away, worthless drug abuser

Not only that you see
Juan has become a burden to the community
A wanted criminal, robber, and murderer
A wasted resource to his mother
What will be his life’s destination?
What good can he ever bring?
Will there be tomorrow still waiting?

by: Colegio San Agustin - Bacolod, Nursing 1F 1st Semester 2008,

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