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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hi there peepz! Are you a die hard sufer? Love clicking and browsing? And are you in need of money?? Well well well, the you must read this post! You might be on excite right now ain't u?

On the website you'll receive a minimum of 30 ad links a day (its just a list of links), where one 30 second ad is worth 1 cent. I say 30 second ad because the ad must stay open for 30 seconds for it to be valid. I have seen days with up to 120 ads, but the average is around 50. I consider it 30 cents a day earned, if I clicked all the ads for that day. The regular member has 10 to 20 ads or more a day, but the average that I have experienced and am seeing from my referrals are around 15 ads viewed.

So you click an ad, wait for the page to load, then wait for the timer to countdown, and then see if you get a green check mark or a red cross mark. Green check mark means the ad you viewed validated and you earned your one cent. Wash rinse repeat ad nauseum. Now, every time one of your referrals, a person that signs up as your referral, clicks a link, you also receive one cent for his advertisement that he viewed.

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