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Friday, January 23, 2009

Some Filipinos think online money making is tough in Philippines? No. There are a lot of ideas to make online money from not only Philippines but from anywhere in the world . You can find advertisements on online money making opportunities and businesses that you can do right from Philippines. But remember, the Internet not only connects your business to big traffic, but also your servers to Internet hackers and malware. Thats why Internet security is so vital. So, along with some ideas on making money online, you also need some knowledge on how to improve the Internet security of your business.

Online Money making ideas
Online money making can be quite tough for people in Philippines, especially when they don't want to spend money or if they don't have a website. But ideas do exist if you want to go the “free” way. You cannot expect to get rich in a flash nevertheless there are some online money making opportunities to help you make money without any investment. One way is to start a blog on free platforms like Wordpress or Blogger, and add Google Adsense or other pay per click ads. You can add niche content on something you are passionate about and also something people are looking for, so that more traffic is driven to your blog.

You will be paid for every click on these ads. You can also market affiliate links to earn money. There are some free affiliate link programs available. All you have to do is market the link through advertisement techniques like forums, blogging, articles etc. You will be paid when people buy through your link Another online money making technique is taking part in free online paid surveys. Businesses conduct surveys to know about trends in a particular locality like our own Philippines for example. You can make use of these surveys, but don't expect big money.

Advertisement Ideas for better Traffic
If you own an online money making website, you should not only concentrate on design but also on traffic. You need traffic to get repeat visitors. Remember, repeat visitors are the ones who are going to buy something from your website. You can achieve this by using good advertisement methods like journals, web, news media and magazines. The goal of the advertisement should be to persuade the visitor on the legitimacy of your business. Another way of improving your online money making efforts is including well written and related articles on your website. You can also take part in forums to meet fellow Internet entrepreneurs from Philippines and share business ideas. Remember, traffic is directly proportional to the profit you are going to get.

Ideas for improving Internet security
If you have employees working for your e-business, you need to educate them about viruses, Trojans and others that can attack via the web. You can use web filters to prevent your employees from visiting harmful websites. Also install a centrally controllable anti-virus software and Firewall to prevent worms from web traffic accessing your computer.

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WARSHOCK said...

may on line gimik na mas mabilis at malaki ang pera, bro. alam mo ung 'live webcam show'..sad to say, yan ang gimik ng ilan sa kababaihan natin. you don't need to have a computer, kasi pwede na un sa mga isolated inet cafes w/ cubicles. after the show, pwede nang pumila sa western union.
i'm not downgrading anyone or watever..sad truth yan, pero instant pera.

zplits said...

howdy brow, thanks for the info. Do you know other money making sites brow?

wolfwood16 said...

@warshock, hahahah yea that's true...and sad to say even our local police don't have any idea about this gigs of our poor "kababaihang ligaw"...dapat pa kasi i inform pa sila, well as our responsibilities to help them solve the crime...but still, sitting on their couch building bounty belly make me so sick....grrrr

@zplits, hello bro, there's so many money making sites online bro and there's a google site reviewing about these sites :)

a2i3s said...

Good idea my friend :)

MsRay said...

Hi, bro
You're in Bacolod, right? I heard sadya dira Chinese New Year celebration ninyo. Wish I was home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ading, pang internet marketer ka na ha ;) Thanks for your comment in my pinatubotrek blog. Wisnu is still single kya wala xa isasama family coz hes living alone in malaysia with only his grandma in Indonesia.

BTW, Happy Chinese New year bro!! Tikoy naman jan hehe :) I tagged you nga pla with Mel's prayer tag and fun google tag. bale dalawa yun magkasunod para me pagkabisihan ka na naman nyehehe...

Ate Julz

MsRay said...

Hi, bro
When you say "newly opened mall", are you referring to the one near the Hall of Justice? Dira ka lapit? I heard damu establishments nag open sa Bacolod. Business must be booming :)

wolfwood16 said...

@pinaykeypoint, ahaha just mastering the field of Search Engine Optimization :D ahh kaya pala gnun nlang yung pag out of country nya..hehhe...Gong xi fat chai ate julz :) i'll repost ur tags thanks!

@MsRay, hmm no no, the one in front of north Ceres Terminal..north drive..yep damo ma na didto..and sa may new city big and elegant ang design.. said...

nice idea .
thanks for coming :)

[ k r y k ] said...

woi venny the wolf haha

kakauwi ko lang :D

awwts de ko ma open yung link na binigay mo weh'!

may error.

anu ba yun?


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