No to Constituent Assembly (ConAss)!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am a Filipino and despite all the negative publicity surrounding our race, I am proud to be one. The news that Congress is bent on pursuing a change in the form of the government through a constituent assembly concerns me deeply. I believe, as our Congressmen do, that change is very much needed to revive our country from the paralyzing weakness it has long suffered from. However, we cannot jumpstart that needed change by being in such a hurry.

As most of our senate said:

"Charter change must be done correctly, at the proper time, definitely after the May 2010 elections, and for the right reasons, that is, for national, not personal and vested interests, and within the legal means under the Constitution"

Simply saying, if the Constituent Assembly was approved, the GMA Regime will continue. Changing the type of our government from Democratic to Parliamentary with one corrupt leader named Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and a money-oriented congress will lead our country to a no-no destination.

This is our chance, as a people of the Republic of the Philippines, kaya natin to! Help our country to survive and to change within you, within us youth. As our beloved national hero Jose Rizal said, "Ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan (the youth is the hope of the country)". Let us ask our selves "Ako'y isa sa kabataan na tinutukoy ni Rizal, naging pag-asa ba ako ng aking bayan? (I am the youth Rizal's talking about, have i become the country's hope?)".

"Ngayon, ang kabataan ay maa-asahan na....(Today, the youth became responsible...)" - Chiz Escudero

God Bless Philippines!

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