CDR-King 12” Tablet Review by Nurses & Geeks

Friday, March 27, 2009

For some of you who doesn’t know about tablet, it is an input device used by artists which allows one to draw a picture onto a computer screen without having to utilize a mouse or keyboard.

A tablet consists of a flat tablet and some sort of drawing device, usually either a pen or stylus. It may also be referred to as a drawing tablet or drawing pad. While the graphics tablet is most suited for artists and those who want the natural feel of a pen-like object to manipulate the cursor on their screen, non-artists may find them useful as well.

The smooth flow of a graphics tablet can be refreshing for those who find the mouse to be a jerky input device, and repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome are less likely when using a graphics tablet.

Wacom Bamboo on Dell Latitude D830

It’s a Wacom Bamboo on a Dell Latitude D830 from Ken Schaefer’s Wacom Review. The tablet is quite small (about 19cm on each edge), thin (<1cm) and weighs about 300 grams. It has four buttons at the top (illuminated in blue) which can be programmed, as well as a little touchpad which allows scrolling up/down in windows using a motion similar to the click wheel in an iPod. Price is over $100 or over 4000Php (Philippine Peso).

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a starter, low price, and fully featured alternative tablet, I recommend, CDR-King 12.1″ Slim Tablet.

CDR-King 12

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jamie said...

how long does the battery last inside the pen??

Ven Francis said...

it depends on your battery madamme:)

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Gerard Paul said...

how does it work on windows 7? is it compatible?

Anonymous said...

how about the pen, does it take a delayed?

Anonymous said...

You're post says review on 12" cdrking tablet but I saw you're reviewing the wacom instead. :P

Ven Francis said...

@gerald paul, yes fully compatible with windows 7. it will automatically find it's driver but if you want to use the Macrokey Manager, then you might want to consider installing the drivers from the cd.

about the delay, yes i sense it has about some milliseconds but very considerable and i'm sure it wont bother you making your works.

there is a link i've provided to the review, just click it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, i just wanted to ask which store, reseller or mall can i buy the wacom tablet or the other wacom tablets? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hello :D
i bought my cdrking drawing tablet last year, now i have my laptop which is windows 2007, why is it that the macro manager is not working?
is the macro manager not compatible with windows 2007?

Cialis said...

This was a great review!

Anonymous said...

how do you turn "on" the pressure sensitivity? i bought a cd r king 12.1 slim but photoshop says that it doesn't have a pressure sensitive feature.

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